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a close eye on the rising waters of the patuxent river in maryland. a woman drowned near a homeless camp in laurel today, and there's a volunteer evacuation in parts of the city now. tracee walk as soon as in laurel where there's talk of mandatory evacuations. >> reporter: they are prepared to do it if they have to. take a look behind me. they're putting in the emergency lights. this road is closed here. this is one of the many roads that leads toward the river, and this is the evacuation zone that they're hoping won't have to become a mandatory evacuation zone. in laurel, all eyes are on the patuxent river. >> we were notified they had to open their gates, and we need to prepare for that. >> reporter: the rushing water has claimed the life of a woman believed to be homeless. she was camped near the pa
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tuxant as the water beban to rise. several streets are also closed. >> i don't think it can get as high as main street, but it can do damage here. >> he's inside the voluntary evacuation zone. his hope is he won't have to empty out his business. he's also questioning why wssc allowed the dam to get so full. >> it's hard to say how much water will come out of the dams. they should have opened them last night realistically. it make you wonder is it an act of god or ignorance. >> reporter: the level reach 10.5 feet earlier today. laurel's mayor is also wondering why that water pressure was relieved so late. >> i have some concerns, you know, why this wasn't calculated and planned for ahead of time,
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but again, it may have taken them by surprise. i don't know that. i can't answer for them. all i know is i have an object station to take secure of my community here and work with the surrounding communities. that's a question i will ask after this is over with. >> reporter: they're hoping for the best. at this point, with the volunteer evacuations in place, they're looking at a couple hundred who are being affected. at that point they're looking at a few thousand people in laurel who will have to get out of the way of that water. so they're paying close attention to it overnight. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. tonight's a mark train riders are finding other ways around. trees fell on track in gaithersburg, stopping service on three trains. it took several hours to clear all the debris. trains and personnel were not in the place for the evening service.
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m.a.r.k. is working with our transit agencies to accommodate passengers. cedar lane in bethesda is still closed after this huge tree fell over the road. high winds knocked it down. montgomery county road crews have worked all day to work on it. my goodness what a wild swing in temperatures around here. it is now almost 40 degrees colder today than it was yesterday. doug, did i hear you talking about a touch of snow tomorrow? >> yeah, we already have some snow showers out there right now. we're talking about the rain we saw yesterday, that prompted the flood, numb recent flood warnings continue to be across the area. many counties cannot list all of them. there's just too many. go to our web side,, you can get the latest flood warnings that are currently out there. many of these go throughout the night, if you do encounter high water. make sure you turn around, don't drown. always make sure you go around it.
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look at this. wrinds, that's the factor today. rain was yesterday, damascus, over 6 inches of rain. monrovia, also over 4 inches each. reston around 2 inches. that's why we had the flooding overnight into the day today. what are we seeing now? i mentioned the wind and snow. around frederick, into frederick county, but look at this. northwestern portions of loudoun county, also over towards montgomery county action and yes, more is on the way overnight tonight. it could affect our morning commute. that's coming up. >> thank you, doug. worries about high water have not gone away in northern virginia, either. tonight the area is under flood warnings. chris gordon reports on high water rescues. >> reporter: this suv got stranded. the driver climbed out the
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window, was rescued. some of these leesburg residents waited more than six hour for the waters to recede numb for them to try to pass. >> yeah, got to be to work. >> be careful. >> i will. >> reporter: overnight the fire rescue and management department answered five calls, rescuing six people. the most dangerous rescue occurred just before 10:00 p.m. at snickersville turn pike. >> the rescueser had a stranded vehicle. before they could get boats in, the vehicle was swept into the stream, ultimately downstreamed 300, 400 yards where the rescue was affected. >> reporter: it was a life-threatening situation. >> very dangerous. you can take someone in their car, in a somewhat safe position to a very, very dangerous position and put their life at
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risk. >> you have debris flowing, trees, logs, that could be attacking rescuers either in boats or if they're trying to do a shallow-water crossing. >> reporter: they trained in the toughest conditions, in the potomac, which is still rising, expecting to hid flood stage saturday morning. white's ferry is closed because of the strong conditions. last night they handled more emergency calls and made more rescues than when superstorm sandy hit here. >> we're extremely proud in not only what they did to effect the rescue, but the precautions they take to remain safe. >> reporter: officials are out on the road tonight checking water levels. chris gordon, news4. there are new details in a shooting with a middle school. police say it was around armed officer who disarmed a teenager gunman. that teenager shot a 14-year-old boy in the back of the head this
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afternoon. the victim is expected to survive. the teachers was also injured in the chaos that followed the shooting. police say she had scrapes and bruises. none of the other kids were injured. they were kept in the gym until they could be reunited with their parents. the latest debt ceiling battle is over for now. tonight the senate approved a bill that will suspend the $16.4 trillion debt limit. montana senator said failure to pass that bill would have set off an unpredictable financial panic, the government would have gotten into its first-ever default if no action was taken. this is only temporary. another deadline could come up by august. if there's not a new bill, the u.s. -- the joints chiefs send a letter to congress warning about budget cuts set to go in effect in march. they say aircraft would be
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grounded, and ships would have to return to port. they also expect to furlough 800,000 defense workers. chuck hagel was put on the spot today, put into defensive motor. danielle leigh is on capitol hill. >> it was quite a long day. that hearing started at 9:30. it's just dmou wrapped up. it was the first time the former senator had publicly responded to some of the his staunchest critics. and he spent a lot of time clarifying, even retracting some of hess pastingses. early on they made it clear that the nomination would not be
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quick or easy. >> were you correct or incorrect when you said that the surge would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since vietnam? >> well, i'm not going to give you a yes or no. i think it's far more complicated than that. >> reporter: hagel's record as a senator caused frequent concern. in 20 on 1, he voted against sanctions against iran. >> do you support sanctioning against iran? >> yes. hagel -- >> i'm fully committed to the president's goal from preventing iran from a sneak lard weapon. >> reporter: he previously co-authored a report calling for cuts. >> a strong agile, safe secure effective nuclear arsenal for the united states is not debatable. >> reporter: hagel promised to support the rights of gales in the military. he also apologized for offensive comments he made accusing
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lobbyists for israel of intimidating lawmakers. asefense secretary, he worked closely with the strong u.s. ally as it faces threats in the middle east. >> you said the jewish locky -- that term shouldn't have been used, it should have another term. name one person in your pen who is intimidated by the israeli lobby in the united states senate. >> i already stated i regret the terminology. >> but you said back then it makes us do dumb things. >> reporter: if confirmed, he would be the loechb republican in the cabinet, also the first vietnam veteran in the position. his supporters argue that experience makes him uniquely qualify. every senate democrat is expected to support the confirmation. he also has the support of at least one rep, but he'll need four more to prevent a filibuster. there will be a new trial for the man convicted in the so-called georgetown cuddler case. the judge overturned the 2010
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conviction of 26-year-old todd thomas. in the decision, he says the original judge in the case wrongly allowed thomas' prior convictions to be presented to the jury. the jury convicted thomas for 11 counts of burglary and assault. prosecutors saying between 2007 and 2008, he brought into the homes of georgetown university students and assaulted them. there's a question about whether the man who has been going around groping women in northern virginia has done it again. yesterday a woman said somebody groped her. 25 minutes later, a few blocks away, another woman says she was groped. she screamed. the suspect ran away. the description of the attacker from both victims matches the suspect in 15 previous assault. in less than an hour, a community meeting will begin in loudoun county to take a look at a series of meetings.
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there verb six burglaries since october, the most recent -- the missing car, morninging to a murder victim has been found. prince george's county police found keith watson's car in landover. watson was found shot and killed inside hi auto body shop in glenn arden maryland on monday. nobody's been arrested. next on "news4 at 6," tensions are running high between syria and israel. tonight syria is threatening retaliation. i'm julie carey. formed in the wake of the newtown shying, the task force makes its first recommendations today. i'll tell you about their ideas coming up. already a lot of buzz for the commercials coming up on the super bowl this weekend. plus don't miss the first update on rg3's knee since his surgery.
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dan has the
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tonight the syrian government is trying -- syrian looking to get back at israel. russia and iran support syria's retaliation, they say it violate a 40-year-old military
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agreement, what happened from israel. martin fletcher has more on the rise in tensions from tel aviv. >> reporter: israel is bracing for an attack. airplanes upped the ante, when officials from the united states and the region says israeli war planes did attack a syrian convoy with lebanon, which was reportedly carrying anti-aircraft rockets, russian-made s.a.m.-17s which would have changed the balance of power. israel's fear was syria was transferring them to hezbollah, and that would have taken away israel's freedom to operate in the skies of lebanon. reportedly another attack by israel yesterday against a weapons development plant northwest of damascus, which apparently was for a long time been on israel's attack list. it's where syria is believed to be developing non-conventional weapon. israel is ready for an attack, syria and hezbollah have been
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threatening in the past that they would attack if they were attacked by israeli war planes. iran also in the equation, but for the time being, calm in israel. martin fletcher, nbc news, tel aviv. the chinese government says it had nothing to do with attacks on computers tess "new york times." the times claims that chinese hackers stole employees passwords. the newspaper newspaper says it was in retaliation for an investigative article on the chinese prime minister. security experts say hackers left behind a digital footprint. the sec sneak was similar to one used in the attack by the chinese on the u.s. military. the times says it has hired a company to prevent cyberattacks in the future. doug's here with more about our weather. boy, you told us last night, take your coat. you'll need it later in the day. boy, were you ever right. >> we started at 65. today we started at 65 about 12:00, 1:00 in the morning.
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right now we're sitting at 39. the windchill is in the upper 20s. that cold air has moved in fast, about you what moved in before that was the rainfall. we talked about all the flooding out there. this is a picture that many of us have seen. that's the falls as you know them. that's why it's call great falls. whoa, what happened to the falls? that's actually today. take a look at this video of the falls right there. just an amazing amount water right on through, also floodling in parts of the renal. to get the latest, visit or web page at that is some amazing, amazing footage. temperatures right now 39 degrees. there's your big temperature drop. winds out of the west. we're still see wind gusts over 20 to 25 miles an hour. some of you still see wind gusts over 30, even 40 miles an hour. that is really going to make for a very, very cold night.
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current temperature 31 in martins burg, 29 in hagerstown. 39 in manassas, but when you add in that wind, this is the way it feels outside. it feels like 17 in martins burg, 22 in leesburg, 23 in gaithersburg, 34 down towards fredericksburg. it's cold. that cold air has moved in. because of that, we're also see light snow. not a whole lot out there. don't expect it tonight, but if you live in montgomery county, that's the area that's seen it. also a bit down toward the southwest, back towards rap han knock. as we look towards montgomery county, around barnesville, you're seeing a little sliver here, coming through portions of loudoun county. more light snow up towards frederick county, also around they arement, and johnsville. we'll see it move through very quickly. but then we'll turn our attention out to the west. another storm system, very small
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storm system, is rotating around the bigger system. you can see the snow associated with this. this will make its way our way. i think we will see snow overnight into early tomorrow morning. the cold air is here, the windy conditions are here. the cold air remains in place. we're going to see snow develop across the area. this is right around 5:00. just about the entire area seeing at least a chance for very light snow. i'm not expecting much, but i would not be surprised to see a dusting, maybe even half an inch. it's not going to cause too many problems, but some of those roadways could get slick early in the morning. behind it, cold and very breesy once against. windchills tomorrow, all day in the upper teens to lower 20s. then on saturday, the cold air remains, the clouds move in, a chance of snow showers on sunday. here's your goodnight/wake-up forecast tonight. 34 by 11, waking up to some
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light snow and snow showers between 5:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m., then it gets out of here. we're not expecting a lot, as i mentioned, but you want to make sure you tune right here. 35 tomorrow, a high of 36 on saturday, 43 on sunday, with another chance of light snow the look at tuesday, another chance with this one, we're going to watch very closely, could have a bit more with it. once again, not a big system at all. we're going to continue to watch it for you. one thing you notice, temperatures remain at our below average right on through the next seven days. that record of 72 degrees yesterday -- >> distant memory. >> it is so far gone. >> thank you, doug sdproo the baltimore ravens will try to become super bowl champs on sunday, but it's not just football fans who are looking forward to the big game. millions will be watches the commercials. nbc's jay gray has a look at some of the buzz and what's at stake for the advertisers. >> reporter: from the classics to the crazy.
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commercials have become as much a part of super sunday as the actual game. big business, big bucks and big gamble for first-time advertisers. >> it is very expensive. for each set of eyeballs, you better have something worthwhile to say or you're wasting your money. >> a lot of money, $4 million for a 30-second spot. pepsico, this year is going all in. >> we're activated four brands, and three of them directly onto the field on game day with quaker, gatorade and the super bowl halftime show with pepsi. >> funny, racy raucous, advertisers will try just about anything. >> you have to stand out in some fashion. if you don't, you sort of gig ignored. mark fryberger hopes he'll get noticed. the aspiring director created this spot, and is one of final finalists in the doritos competition. the winner will be revealed when
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the commercial is aired. >> i'll know when the rest of america knows. >> reporter: if he makes the cut, he says tell be need to see his homemade commercial in the mix with others that cost millions to make. >> it's a very home-grown ad, only cost us $300 to make, which included the renting the dresses and buying the doritos. >> an investment he hopes will pay off with the win on super sunday. jay gray, news4. they paid to rent those dresses? coming up tonight, a report on what some people says passengers involved in the meltdown on metro last night should not have done. why maryland lawmakers want the speed limits to be higher. and update on a firefighter who had his severed arm reattached after a crack with a fire truck. we're live at the super bowl, where the ravens turn their attention to the field, actually two fields. we'll explain. and we catch up with
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redskins' running back alfred morris, who gives the scoop on
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some local private schools want to make sure they're not forgotten when it comes to school safety in virginia, so they're reaching out to fairfax county police for answers.
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st. am bross's school principal says he wants the same communication as the public schools get. police say they're determined to make sure that happens. they've scheduled a meeting to talk about security concerns and it's open to all private schools in the county. we are hearing about new proposals on how to help, apparently they're still on the table. campus safety task. northern virginiaureau chief julie carey has the report. >> reporter: the task force that reported to the governor delivered dozens of recommendations, ranging from tightening school policies to finding ways to keep guns out of the hands of those who would target schools. is the task force has only been meeting for a few weeks, but the mission is urgent. reviewing scoot security in the commonwealth to try to major
6:28 pm
sure the tragedy at sandy hook won't happen here. today the group's first recommendations, those that could be acted on before the assembly adjourns. among the proposals, each k through 12 school should be have an emergency manager and threat assessment teams, and all should do lockout drills at the beginning of each semester. >> it's importance to get the students used to knowing what to do and to take it seriously. >> they idea of? school officers need more study. >> if we're going to put anyone armed in the school, train, they have to be weld trained. i think everyone is in agreement. it's not perfect, but the closest for me is a well-trained
6:29 pm
certified police officer or deputy sheriff in every school. >> reporter: but weighing the cost of that will be part of the work ahead. other recommendations focused on stiffening penalties for those who help get a gun from someone barred of getting one and those who enter a school to do arm with a gun. >> we're raising the penalty when you do any of these things and you don't have to undertake the offense, you merely have to show up armed. with the intent to commit the offense. >> reporter: the next step for the governor and his staff is to look at these proposals and determine which ones could still be acted porch by the general assembly before it adjourns. meantime, that task force keeping working on some of those stickier issues like the idea of arming school personnel. recording live. i'm julie carey, news4. officials in prince george's
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county are keeping a close eye on the patuxent river in maryland, because the river is rising. the waters claimed one life today in laurel. jim handly here as more video on the flooding. it was captured by chopper 4. >> yeah, jim tonight we have more information about the person who died in the rising waters in laurel, as rescuers comb the wroods near a homeless camped that flood near ft. mead. authorities believe she was homeless. firefighters and police and first responders risked their lives overnight as drivers found themselves stuck in rushing waters. laurel still leaders are working together to keep flooding down tonight. the river is typically 2.4
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feet at the tridelphiia. but today it rose to 10 1/2 feet. tonight they're monitoring the situations to see if mandatory evacuations are necessary. doreen and jim? >> jim handly. tonight maryland lawmakers are considering something that could make commuters happy. they said to raise the statewide speed limit. lawmakers say that on the icc, where a round trip can cost $8, drivers should be able to go faster than 55. >> raising the speed limit would increase the value of riding on the icc. >> they also say drivers would be safer with higher speed limits because of the improved traffic flow. an apology tonight from metro about the mistakes that caused major confusion and anger on the green line last night.
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transportation reporter adam tuss now has reaction from metro and one really frustrated passenger. >> new details about what led to this situation, the power being shut down, stranding riders on trains. around 5:00 last night, a pea of the third rail began smoking. d.c. fire came in. somewhere along the line power was cut to the wrong stretch the track. that means two nearby trains were froch in place. metro says it was one of their employees that cut the power. previous reports suggested the power was cut by a fire official. some riders on the stuck trains even cho to leave the trainings
6:33 pm
and evacuate. >> metro's general manager says while an investigation is continuing, he admits the response simply wasn't good enough. >> it was unacceptable to them and certainly unacceptable to me. >> reporter: this rider says metro owes her more than an apology. >> i pay almost $300 a month, and it's not reliable at all. the communication is horrible. they go into the tunnel, climbed up a vent shaft, out to the ground. metro's leaders say you should only evacuate a train if you're told to do it. along the green line, adam tuss, news4. tonight doctors say the prognosis is good for the prince george's county firefighter who was ser his injured in yesterday's beltway crash.
6:34 pm
his right arm was severed at the elbow. doctors in baltimore were able to reattack it. now he's recuperating. today his surgeon said baas hi fellow firefighters immediately packed the severed arm in ice, the outcome should be favorable. >> his part was very well-prepared and placed on ice in a plastic bag, following all the protocols we have in position for this time of injur injure,he was brought in nearly immediately. so the sim worked very well. >> it was attempting to make a u huff turn yesterday morning, when it was hit from behind. seven people were injured. news4 has lurnd the prince georges department has launched an internal investigation to determine if the u-turn followed the rules. the son of congressman moran
6:35 pm
will not face charges. days before the election back in november a members of an organization posed as a volunteer and recorded patrick moran answering questions on how to cast ballots in the name of infrequent voters. police say the producers of the video refused to cooperate, so the case is closed. you may not get the income tax refund you're expecting. the district will take money out of the refunds to pay debts for parking tickets, red light cameras and other unpaid traffic fines. the council passed a low allowing this last year. refunds are already hit up for phet and state income taxes as well as unpaid child support.
6:36 pm
people will be sent letters explaining what happened to the money. peace nut butter to the rescue. an officer helping two dogs. what's ahead in weather? >> you know the cold air is already here. tack a look at this little storm making its way. it could mean snow for the morning commute. at honda, we know some people are never happy with the way things are. and are always dreaming of how they could be.
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smarter, simpler, how-on-earth-does-it-do-that... er. and they make it that way. because things can always be better. we like those people. they think like us. introducing the best civic sedan yet. made possible by honda.
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a 41-year-old woman in
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warrenton, virginia, has pleaded guilty today to having sex with two teenagers. her name is stephanie streak. she is was charged last year after fauquier county school officials found explicit text messages on the phone of a 15-year-old student. then while out on bond in that case, straight is accused of having a relationship with a 13-year-old boy. authorities say she provided both boys with marijuana. she's facing up to 17 years in prison. a montgomery county police officer is getting a big thank you for saving lives tonight. officers are issued plenty of gear to respond to emergencies, but this officer reached into her lunch bag to save the day. news4's pat collins talked to a very grateful woman in gayering burg. >> reporter: jody has two dog that is she just love it is to death. give me your paw. good dog, good dog.
6:40 pm
this is maggie she's a rescue. she belongs to jodi warshal. yesterday maggie was a bad, bad girl. good dog. maggie didn't do it alone. she had some help from chunky, another dog. yesterday they had a delivery. they opened the garage door. as the delivery came in, the dogs went out. they did what active dogs do. they took off. >> we drove around for at least an hour. my son and i rotated who would stay here and who would drive around. it started pouring down rain. we both thought for sure one of the dogs was going to get killed or badly injured or -- i don't even know. >> reporter: the dogs end up three miles away from home at the intersection of 35 and professional drive. with traffic going this way and that way. a montgomery county police
6:41 pm
officer sees what's going on. she gets out of her car. she uses a peanut butter cracker from her lunch, to coax the dogs out of harm's way. >> it was pouring down rain. i mean, she drove all the way here. she didn't want me to go somewhere to pick them up. montgomery county police, thank, thank you. >> reporter: the officer who made the save is deana montisko. that's right. >> reporter: they're calling her something else now. >> they call her the dog whisperer. tonight maggie, chunky and jodi, all together again. in montgomery county, pat collins, news4. >> it looks like they would do it again in a heartbeat. >> just open the door. three days until the super bowl. dan hellie, what's up, man? >> reporter: hey, guys, we got a
6:42 pm
chance to catch up with alfred morris. boy has this kid come a long way. he updates us on rg3's status. he's actually visited with the redskins quarterback. we're talking ravens. they have taken their practice indoors, turns their attention to the game, as "n
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hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer, talking about the cold air that's moved in, the wind that's moved in, and the snow you can expect for tomorrow morning's rush hour. yeah, yeah. 39 degrees the temperature out there, winds out of the west at 16 miles an hour. yeah, we're going to talk about that. the wind gusts at 24 light now. that puts our windchills into the teens. 17 the current windchill in gaithersburg. 34 at ft. bill advisory, and camp springs coming in at around 33. a couple light snow showers across the region, around portions of montgomery county. a few light snow showers there, but it's the system that's organizing itself in the middle part of the country. that's going to move through overnight. i've been looking at this the last couple days, maybe a snow shower, but now it's looking
6:46 pm
like it could produce some accumulation. this is 6:00 in the morning and here we go with light to moderate snow across the region at a critical time. so once again, we're talking about rush hour event, also talking about a very similar event to what we saw twice last week, a quick half inch, potential an inch in some spots, and problems on the roadways, espermly to the north of washington, where the road temperatures are colder. here's the biggest thing, by 8:00, 9:00, it's out of here, but once again it's the critical time around rush hour where we could see snow falling. and tuning in at 4:30 tomorrow morning. from 65 to snow in 24 hours. >> that's crazy. >> good grief. speaking of wild and crazy, that's where dan is, down in new orleans, where dan, i understand the guys have removed themselves
6:47 pm
from the prying ears, and all the sports people, they're practicing in private? >> reporter: yeah, vance, and there's a lot of prying going on, i guess you could say. the players are pretty much done talking. it will be the head coaches tomorrow. as you know, the ravens are the underdogs here. i guess you could say they've had underdog facilities as well. they've been practices at tulane university on the baseball field, because the football field is undergoing construction. they've been practicing outside. of course they're playing the game 12349 super dome. so they finally said today they had enough. so the ravens moved their practice indoors, both teams practices at the saints' indire facility, which is, i guess, good news for the ravens, a nice change yesterday. their practices were outdoors on the hard artificial turf of tulane university's baseball field. several players complained and said it was very hard on the legs. the ravens put up their game plan last week.
6:48 pm
now it's about fine-tuning after several days of media obligations, the guys happy to focus on the xs and os. >> it's the ultimate, you know, when we walk back out there on the practice field yesterday, the first thing said was, wow, we're back to football, like a lot of them forgot about the game. i'm like, that's all we're here for. >> i want to get into football and meetings and practices. it's just different than having a regular football game. but you know, we're here, i think we're all enjoying it. i don't know, i can't describe it, really, about you just an awesome experience. >> now we can get back to football and enjoying the xs and os and what the 49ers are going to do. honestly, that's the only thing on my mind. >> reporter: you know, there's anybody and everybody here at the super bowl. one of the people we ran into today was alfred morris, the nfl
6:49 pm
second leading rusher this year. alfred has come a long, long way in the this time last year he was wondering if he would get drafted, now making the rounds on media row at the super bowl, which is something that's new. >> i would much rather be playing in the super bowl, but that day will come soon enough. but it's a real experience just to come where i came from and do what i was able to do this year. it's been a fun ride, dealing with the pressure, the stress of the nfl gets me. i just was able to handle it. >> reporter: have you run into anybody who's introduced yourselves and said, wow, they actually know who i am? >> anybody that recognizes me, i'm kind of surprised. that's not why i play the game. i play because i love the game. just the opportunity to do something you love and continue it on the highest of levels. it's a great feeling. >> reporter: what's the best
6:50 pm
memory from this year for you? there's so many. give me the best one. >> man, that's tough. i think my best memory is just the run on the second game and getting into the postseason. not a group of individuals can't do it, a group of talented individuals can't do it, it took a team to make that run, to make that push. if you get in the postseason, it took a team to do that, just part of a real team, it's a great feeling. it makes me happenr happy. >> it's going to be you and rg3 for a long time in washington. have you talked to your quarterback? >> yes, he's in my hometown pensacola, and i'm doing some work over there with api right now while i'm in town. i go in and stop before i work out, shoot the breeze with him, go check on him, seeing him trying to push the limits. >> he's already trying to push the limits? >> he's done it after he came out of surgery. he's doing great. i asked him before i leave, him
6:51 pm
and his mom are all over there. he's doing great. he just wants to get back. i have no doubt he'll by back on the field. >> so already walking around and everything. >> yeah. i don't know what's better, the information on rg3 or alfred morris' laugh. i can't even duplicate it. what do you think, vance? >> you know what? any laugh has to compare poorly to joe gibbs' giggle. that's the standard for me is joe gibbs' giggle. >> reporter: you guys are absolutely right. that's a good segue. we'll catch up with joe gibbs and doug williams here at the super bowl tomorrow. let's turn or attention to golf. i promised yesterday i wouldn't talk about deer antiher spray again. unfortunately i lied. we have to talk about it for a minute. vijay singh has been taking deantler spray to help him heal from -- so he turned himself in,
6:52 pm
had no idea it contained a performance-enhancing drug. he withdrew from the phoenix open with a sore back. at the phoenix open, the biggest story was phil mickelson going low, and i mean very low in scottsdale. mickelson, unbelievable start at this golf tournament. he would start on the back nine, from beyond the cactus, his tee shot on the par 3 12th, from 205 yards away, a couple friendly bounces, pulls it right up next to the jar. that sets up a birdie. four straight to start the round for lefty. then on 14, to save par, check out how lucky he is here. a little ring around the rosy, then it drops in, a career low 29 on the opening holes. then after a par on number 8 action that takes 58 out of the equation. he needs a birdie to shoot a 59. from 25 feet away, looks good, but oh, man, it just limps out.
6:53 pm
check out the reaction. can't believe it. the 60, not too shabby, though. that score ties a caps course record, hess career best. he holds a four-shot lead in that tournament. guys, keeping busy here. catching up with joe gibbs and doug williams tomorrow. >> we're looking forward to it. thank you, dan. coming up next, riding a record-breaking wave.
6:54 pm
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6:56 pm
one more check on doug's forecast. now snow in the morning? >> we've been talking about this the last 24 hoyer. it looks like we could get more, and by more we're talking half an inch in some places, but the timing is during the rush hour.
6:57 pm
i wouldn't be surprised if you woke up and gnaw snow. it won't be everywhere, but some areas could pick up a quick half inch. 35 degrees for a high tomorrow. that snow will move out very fast. most of the day sunshine, another chance for snow shower on sunday, then a better chance the light snow i think on tuesday. not a lot in any of those storms, but once again, temperatures way down, too. thanks, doug. a surfer out in hawaii said -- well, actually he's from hawaii, but he says he rode a 100-foot wave to break his own record. guy is garrett mcnamara. he's 45 years old. he's professional big wave surfer, known as an extreme water man. this is not the wave we're talking about, but similar. he gets towed out on a jet ski to waves that surfers would not normally be able to reach by
6:58 pm
paddle. he broke the port in portugal. he was surfing in the same place on monday when he rode that 100-foot monster. >> my goodness.
6:59 pm

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